Want to Know What Time Is?

I do not consider myself to be smart enough to answer a question that remains unanswered since thousands of years:

What is time?

Nevertheless I will answer that question now. I am asking every person smarter than me to explain to me, why my answer must be wrong. More so: There may even be some very basic mathematics below. I am very keen to find out why this mathematics is either wrong or irrelevant – or simply stupid. It sure is!

I define time as the amount of information available for a given phenomenon.

If there is a lot of information, then the phenomenon is considered to exist for a very long time. If only little information is available, the phenomenon is considered to exist for a very short time only.

For example, if a guy called Join Doe is travelling from Berlin to Moscow, there might be at least two bits of information about this:

  • John Doe is in Berlin
  • John Doe is in Moscow

If there is no other information available, then the phenomenon is very short lived, meaning John was traveling at maximum speed. That could be the speed of light.

But there might be more information available: John might take a stop in Minsk, because he loves a most beautiful Belarus girl at that place. It just means, that his travel speed is much slower. Far from the speed of light in this very case! So there is more time between his departure in Berlin and his arrival. It might even happen, because he is so very much in love with this girl, that he will never arrive in Moscow. In that case, the amount of time between departure and arrival is infinite.

Time T can thus be seen as function of the discrete amount N of available information: T(N). We know that for any N_1,N_2 with N_2 > N_1 there will always be T(N_2) > T(N_1).

But apart from that I do not really know a lot about the function T(N).

Please note that by this definition there is no direction associated with time! So, time does not really tell us if Johnny starts his journey in Berlin or in Moscow. We can only be sure that he was in Minsk, and that he was having a great time there, wishing to stay for ever with the girl. (Maybe she also really cares a lot about him!)

Things are getting more interesting, if we – for example – consider a black hole. As we know by the theory of relativity, time “is slowing down” a bit, the nearer you get to a black hole. Now, let us look at John Doe again: Imagine this guy is getting really close to a black hole. (There is no reason whatsoever to compare his relationship with his girl to a black hole or find any other similarities or even more vulgar comparisons related to her.) Just imagine that John is attracted to the black hole just as he is attracted to his girl friend. The nearer he is getting to the black hole, the lesser are his chances to escape. A black hole squeezes a lot of matter into a tiny space, increasing its gravitational field and decreasing time in comparison to other people lucky enough to stay farer away from the black hole. (Still, please no comparisons to the girl friend!)

If John finally reaches the center of the black hole, there will be no more doubt about his very location. No longer will he be in Berlin! He will not be in Moscow, nor in Minsk. No matter how often we would request his position, we will always be sure that we could find him in the center of the black hole. Thus the amount of available information about his position has reached infinity, the uncertainty about his whereabouts has reached 0, and thus time will now longer flow. Time will stand still, and there will be no time at all at the center of a black hole.

As you can see, we can explain the behaviours of time in a very strong gravitational field, even without the nasty compexity of general relativity.

Let me give you another example: The double-slit experiment, seen from the viewpoint of quantum theory. As we know, getting information about a quantum system always implies doing an experiment, and the results will vary depending on their probabilities. The more experiments we do, the more information we will get about the location of a particle. Some very smart people would most likely say, that the Schrödinger equation collapses with each experiment, meaning that a probability wave will turn into some (trivial) information about something. Whatever that means, it is obvious to us that information pops up in exchange of a certain amount of uncertainty that we are loosing on the way.

We consider time to be just the sum of all the information gathered during experiments.

In particle physics, the path of a particle is somewhat indeterminate. No matter how many experiments we do, we will only end up with an approximate path of the particle. OK. But if we repeat the experiment under the exact same conditions, we might end up with a completely different path, only depending on some probabilistic rules determined by the maths of quantum physics.

But with our understanding of time that does not really bother us any longer. There is no order in time. Time does not flow from 0 to \infty, always in the same direction. It is just the sum of all the information that we can gather. And that does not need to be the same all the time!

Now you know what time is!

Why Tokenization will Disrupt Trading

I will make two somewhat complementary statements:

  • Tokenization will disrupt trading
  • Tokenization will not disrupt trading, until it fully integrates with IOT

The goal is basically pretty simple:

Any type of asset is going to be represented by a cryptographic token and can then be traded in a much simpler way using blockchain transactions.

The problem is hidden inside the simple expression is represented by, which indicates that their needs to be a reliable way to map a real world asset to a cryptographic token.

Of course, this could be done by some sort of legal agreement. Even an implicit and unofficial agreement could suffice, if it is backed by enough people – if trust is simply provided by an agreement accepted by all the people involved in a specific trading platform.

But this does not fit to the basic idea behind blockchain technology, where trust is (at least partially) delegated to a P2P network. It is also not really simple and reliable. Any such proceeding will remain somewhat shady and vague. It will remain human and thus prone to human insufficiency.

This is why I believe that an infrastructure based on things will be needed to path the way into a brighter, blockchain-driven trading future. But such a good infrastructure to empower tokenized trading is simply missing at the moment. There are countless concepts being developed right now. Many of them are pretty difficult to read and understand. They just lack the simplicity and clarity that would be needed to make them accessible for a broader and non technical audience.

Let me give a simple example: Any kind of “intelligent” door lock that is connected to the internet would do to solve many such trading problems. Cars, hotel rooms, safes could than be used for tokenized trading. Of course, there might be a lot of software that also still needed to be written. This software and its related interfaces needed to be standardized and commonly accepted. It can only work together what is designed to work together! All these concepts are under heavy development. But they are not yet ready for production, and of course, the details might still be unclear, so that only the future will show what will really happen.

If (in addition to such door locks) there were equivalent physical keys that might also be directly connected to a digital asset, than for example any public transportation could be “beamed” to the blockchain. No needed to by any train ticket, if you have such a key and enough money.

It is obvious, that this is distant future. It is science fiction, in a way. So how do we position ourselves in these times, where conditions are changing quickly, but not quickly enough to reach the goals that we can already envision?

For all parties involved, the way to go can only be: As much networking as possible. We just have to find out what is already present. Who is working on what technology? Who knows more that we do? Who is willing to help and open doors?

In the end this will be a joint effort. It sure will need all the countries in the world to be involved. Such topics can no longer be handled by a single company, or even by a single nation. Maybe some day, there will be something that supersedes nations and companies, a new entity that fits better to the challenges of the 21st century.

I cannot tell you how it will happen or when it will happen. But you can be sure of one thing: It will happen!

Ein Mann ist erfolgreich …

In dieser Aussage steckt nicht nur sehr viel Weisheit und Bescheidenheit, er ist auch subversiv. Er impliziert die Ablehnung dieser ganzen Erfolgsmentalität, die unsere Gesellschaft prägt. Er postuliert Freiheit als höchstes Gut.

Offenbar geht es beim Erfolg nicht nur ums Geld. Wer genügend Geld hat, um sich alle möglichen Freiheiten zu erkaufen, der kann dennoch ein Getriebener bleiben – und nicht selbstbestimmt.

Das höchste Gut eines Mannes wird auf Banales zurück geführt: Aufstehen, tun was man will, und dann wieder ins Bett gehen. Sind Reichtümer nötig, um das zu erreichen? Sicher nicht!

Eine gute Schippe Mut gehört dazu. Der Wille, sich nicht unterzuordnen, sich nicht die Ordnung anderer aufdrängen zu lassen.

Der wahre Erfolg besteht darin, man selbst zu sein. Alle anderen Ziele sind bloßer Schein, sind Lügen. Hier geht es nicht um Fließ, um Arbeit, nicht um die große Liebe, nicht darum, eine Familie zu gründen, Kinder groß zu ziehen. Es geht erst recht nicht um den tollen Sportwagen, um den Kontostanden, um das eigene Haus, die Schuldenfreiheit.

Es geht um das, was du dir immer leisten kannst, wenn du nur willst. Es geht darum, zu tun, was man will, und eben nicht den Willen anderer zu erfüllen.

Es geht darum, sich nicht manipulieren zu lassen.

Verzicht ist nicht das Wichtigste

Dieses uralte, sogenannte Marshmallow-Experiment ist oft schon durch differenziertere Beobachtungen zum Thema “Impulskontrolle” überholt, wiederlegt oder hinterfragt worden.

Aber schon einfache, grundsätzliche Überlegungen zum Thema Belohnungsaufschub lassen das Experiment fragwürdig erscheinen:

Hier wird Kindern eine Regel vorgegeben, ohne sie zu erklären. Das Prinzip ist ja einfach, und man wendet es täglich in der Kindererziehung an: Wenn Du lernst, dich zu beherrschen, dann wirst du belohnt. Das mag in vielen Bereichen sinnvoll sein, zum Beispiel wenn es ums Zähneputzen geht, oder um ausgewogene Ernährung, oder um Erfolg in einer bestimmten sportlichen Disziplin, zum Beispiel beim Boxen.

Aber was ist eigentlich gut daran, zwei Marshmallows zu essen, anstatt nur eines?

Das Kind, das nicht durchhält, nimmt nach den Regeln des Experiments nur die Hälfte der Süßigkeitenmenge zu sich. Würde sich diese Gesetzmäßigkeit so einfach auf das ganze Leben der Kinder übertragen, dann hätte das Kind mit weniger Geduld womöglich eine gesundere Ernährung, als das Geduldigere.

Außerdem steckt hinter der Belohnung durch Marshmallows natürlich das bei uns weit verbreitete Konsumdenken. Implizit wird doch vorausgesetzt, dass es gut und richtig ist, so viel wie nur möglich zu konsumieren, also so viele Marshmallows zu essen, wie es nur irgend geht. Wer am meisten konsumieren kann, und zwar indem er sich den Regeln der Gesellschaft anpasst und sie nicht hinterfragt, der hat den größten Erfolg.

Also lernen Kinder, die so erzogen werden, ja auch, was Glück ist: Glück ist Konsum. Wenn du also zwei Marshmallows isst, dann wirst du glücklicher sein.

Ein ganz anderes Wertesystem wäre denkbar. Und wäre es dann nicht möglich, die Kinder auf ganz andere Ziele hin zu trainieren, als darauf, ihren Marshmallow-Konsum zu optimieren?

Die Schule des Lebens


Die Schule des Lebens ist leider grade wieder mal zu! Was hätte ich in dieser Schule nicht alles lernen können, wäre sie immer geöffnet gewesen!

Dieses Mädchen aus Straßburg zum Beispiel: Meine erste und wirklich unglückliche Liebe. 35 Jahre ist das her! Ich hätte lernen können, dass es immer nur den Traum gegeben hat, nie dieses Mädchen meiner Träume. Aber um das zu lernen, hätte mein Traum in Erfüllung gehen müssen, und ich hätte das echte Mädchen küssen müssen. Jedoch hatte die Schule des Lebens damals leider grade mal wieder zu, und so kam es nie zu diesem einmaligen Moment.

Daher wäre ich sehr dafür, dass man diese Schule 24 Stunden und jeden Tag geöffnet hält. Natürlich müsste das Personal finanziert werden, aber angesichts der Bedeutung ihres Lehrauftrags ließe sich das bestimmt irgendwie einrichten.

Fahrt die Rolläden hoch und lasst uns rein. Möglich, dass es drinnen etwas düster aussieht und muffelt. Vielleicht sollte man lüften. Womöglich müsste man auch die Wände neu streichen.

Nein, Nein! Ist das wirklich die Schule des Lebens?

Das Leben hat keinen Sinn! Deshalb gibt es nichts zu tun.

Das hört sich wie die Lebenshaltung eines unverbesserlichen Pessimisten an.

Andererseits: Hier wäre auch ein guter Grund, sich entspannt zurück zu lehnen und sich die Sonne auf den Pelz brennen zu lassen.

Dann erübrigte sich so mancher falscher Ehrgeiz. Gelassenheit könnte Einzug halten, wo oft noch Verkrampftheit vorherrscht.

Auf dem Uni-Campus, wo ich studierte, gab es einen grasbewachsenen Hügel vor dem Vorlesungsgebäude. Im Sommer lagen da oft die Studenten und sonnten sich. Ich wünschte, ich wäre dort ein paar Mal öfter und länger liegen geblieben …

… das Leben war schön!

An Open Letter To Greta Thunberg

Dear Greta!

You are getting so much support these days! Only your youth should be enough to justify you, but there are many more good reasons. Nobody seriously and openly doubts the rightfullness of your statements and your mission, because your what you are saying is basically correct.

How to achieve your goals: This is where discussions may start, and there are a lot of possibilities, a lot of obstacles to consider and to take into account.

But there is one sad truth about mankind that you do not yet know about and that you might have to learn the heard way:

Mankind is not morally good!

It just means, that people will always follow there animal instincts, and any sort of reasoning is limited in its effect, and it will always remain limited. We have come all the same evolutionary road to presence, that any other living being on earth has gone. Our culture, our sciences, our philosophy have all developed from basic instincts, and they will always remain attached to them.

That is why I consider it to be very unlikely that your quest may succeed. Many have tried before you, but from a moral point of view, the world is still the same.

I think that you have to learn to accept this. Time will teach you.

But I do not want to sound too pessimistic. There is always hope, and hope comes from young people like you. Young girls like you can make the difference, if the wish. People are listening to you now, and the will go on listening to you in the future, if you persist. Your generation will take over soon, and I am quite sure – if you take over – you can still turn around the wheel. It will not be too late. There might be sone irreversible damage in your future. This stems from the laws of nature, that I was trying to explain to you above. But doomsday will not happen!

There is still some time. Go for it!

To All The People In Uganda

Above you can see some mountains in Switzerland. There is snow now up on the top. There is also snow down in the valleys. There might be snow and ice on the streets as well.

Temperatures are below 0 ℃ Water will freeze to ice, as soon as it is outside.

People are freezing in this country as well.

People are lonely. If you could walk through the areas where they live, the streets would seem empty to you. All the doors remain closed. Cars parking outside, but nobody walking around. You can hear no children shouting. It seems to be very quiet.

This is one of the richest countries in Europe. Nobody is hungry here. There are doctors for everybody in need of them. You can buy almost anything that you can imagine. Every child is taken care of.

But where are the children?

Where is the happyness on people’s faces? – Where are the people?

You should thank the lord for your own country, which is warm and bright. Thank him for all the green colors surrounding you, and for all the plants.

Thank the lord for all the children around you and keep them as happy as they are right now.

If you walk through the streets near the place you live, you might hear a lot of sounds. You might hear some birds. You might smell a lot of different things. You might carry a heavy load. You might meet many people you know. You might be afraid of some of them. Some of them might be your friends.

You might be bored some times. But do not worry about that! Be happy!

You might be richer in your heart than many people living here in Switzerland …

The Philosophy Of The Empty Coffeepot Company

The Empty Coffeepot Company beliefs, that there is only one eternal truth:

The Coffeepot is empty!

This is the only truth that the The Empty Coffeepot Company acknowledges.

The Empty Coffeepot Company is the only company in the world that does not maximize profit, but happyness,

The only goal of the The Empty Coffeepot Company is to accumulate happyness, not money.

The Empty Coffeepot Company beliefs that accepting the emptiness of the Coffeepot is the only suitable precondition to strive for happyness.

The HPN cryptocurrency

The Empty Coffeepot Company will soon issue its own cryptocurrency HPN, the token of happyness.

HPN will be designed to measure the degree of happyness, not wealth.

  • HPN will be distributed to people who can prove their happyness.
  • There will be no other way to earn HPN but to prove your happyness.

Terms and Conditions will be published soon in this site.

Stay tuned!

To All The Pupils In Uganda

Do you know, what cryptocurrencies are?

You should, because they are your future!!

I am writing this to you from one of the old, old and lonesome countries in Europe: Switzerland!

And I want to tell you, that your time will come, to change the world, if you are lucky enough to get to learn about all the new technical stuff that is rising from the horizons in this world!

Cryptocurrencies is just one of them.

Cryptocurrencies will change the world, many people say. And if you are young enough, you will for sure live in a world, that is dominated by them.

You must know that this is not an invention that we came up with in Europe. It is not from America or from any other part in the world. Cryptocurrencies are a new kind of money, that people from all over the world have developed together using the internet.

If you can access the internet, then you can learn all about it, because all the information that you will ever need about it can be found in the internet.

For now, all I need to tell you, is: You need some knowledge, but little else to deal with crypto currencies. They will help you to receive money, even if you have no bank account, and no money whatsorever.

Cryptocurrencies have been invented to give you access to money without the need to trust anybody else. So do not trust the people that tell you stories about it. Just do never trust them! Onecoin for example ist not a good cryptocurrency for anybody in your country – or in any country of this world! There is Bitcoin and many others, that might help you in the future, if you take some time and learn about it.

Ask your teachers to help you learn about it! Even your teachers might not know about them. That is normal! Even in our country, teachers do not know about a lot of things, but they can be good teachers anyway. So, learn together with your teachers to understand what the future might bring to you.

Only if you learn, you will understand, and then you will be able to go on and find your path!

There are some people in my world that send old money to you. Today’s money, and not Cryptocurrencies.

But money is only worth as much as you can buy with it. How much of the money sent to your country from Europe can be used by you and your parents directly to buy food and anything else that you really need?

With Cryptocurrencies. you will receive money directly, and there will be no others in your way.

OK, this is the future, and not today! But …

Go for the future! It is yours!