An Open Letter To Greta Thunberg

Dear Greta!

You are getting so much support these days! Only your youth should be enough to justify you, but there are many more good reasons. Nobody seriously and openly doubts the rightfullness of your statements and your mission, because your what you are saying is basically correct.

How to achieve your goals: This is where discussions may start, and there are a lot of possibilities, a lot of obstacles to consider and to take into account.

But there is one sad truth about mankind that you do not yet know about and that you might have to learn the heard way:

Mankind is not morally good!

It just means, that people will always follow there animal instincts, and any sort of reasoning is limited in its effect, and it will always remain limited. We have come all the same evolutionary road to presence, that any other living being on earth has gone. Our culture, our sciences, our philosophy have all developed from basic instincts, and they will always remain attached to them.

That is why I consider it to be very unlikely that your quest may succeed. Many have tried before you, but from a moral point of view, the world is still the same.

I think that you have to learn to accept this. Time will teach you.

But I do not want to sound too pessimistic. There is always hope, and hope comes from young people like you. Young girls like you can make the difference, if the wish. People are listening to you now, and the will go on listening to you in the future, if you persist. Your generation will take over soon, and I am quite sure – if you take over – you can still turn around the wheel. It will not be too late. There might be sone irreversible damage in your future. This stems from the laws of nature, that I was trying to explain to you above. But doomsday will not happen!

There is still some time. Go for it!

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