To All The Pupils In Uganda

Do you know, what cryptocurrencies are?

You should, because they are your future!!

I am writing this to you from one of the old, old and lonesome countries in Europe: Switzerland!

And I want to tell you, that your time will come, to change the world, if you are lucky enough to get to learn about all the new technical stuff that is rising from the horizons in this world!

Cryptocurrencies is just one of them.

Cryptocurrencies will change the world, many people say. And if you are young enough, you will for sure live in a world, that is dominated by them.

You must know that this is not an invention that we came up with in Europe. It is not from America or from any other part in the world. Cryptocurrencies are a new kind of money, that people from all over the world have developed together using the internet.

If you can access the internet, then you can learn all about it, because all the information that you will ever need about it can be found in the internet.

For now, all I need to tell you, is: You need some knowledge, but little else to deal with crypto currencies. They will help you to receive money, even if you have no bank account, and no money whatsorever.

Cryptocurrencies have been invented to give you access to money without the need to trust anybody else. So do not trust the people that tell you stories about it. Just do never trust them! Onecoin for example ist not a good cryptocurrency for anybody in your country – or in any country of this world! There is Bitcoin and many others, that might help you in the future, if you take some time and learn about it.

Ask your teachers to help you learn about it! Even your teachers might not know about them. That is normal! Even in our country, teachers do not know about a lot of things, but they can be good teachers anyway. So, learn together with your teachers to understand what the future might bring to you.

Only if you learn, you will understand, and then you will be able to go on and find your path!

There are some people in my world that send old money to you. Today’s money, and not Cryptocurrencies.

But money is only worth as much as you can buy with it. How much of the money sent to your country from Europe can be used by you and your parents directly to buy food and anything else that you really need?

With Cryptocurrencies. you will receive money directly, and there will be no others in your way.

OK, this is the future, and not today! But …

Go for the future! It is yours!

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